3 Ways for You To Build Your


Use these 3 Methods to Build your Confidence

 Sometimes, life throws us into situations that are a real jolt to our self-confidence and self-belief.

Some of us will have knee-jerk reactions in times of stress and withdraw into ourselves or cut ourselves off from society, so that we don’t have to face any of our failures.

Some of us fail to see the silver lining in failures and fail to understand the lessons that a failure teaches us.

Changing your perspective and taking a holistic approach to your everyday experiences are a good way to boost your confidence.

Simple exercises such as a change in your body language, your tone of voice and a smile can boost your confidence.

Let’s go through 3 simple confidence-building exercises that can improve our quality of life.

One: Gratitude

When things don’t got your way, don’t get caught up in the negative emotions you have about your situation.

Things happen in life and you cannot always control the outcome.

With each experience you encounter, positive and negative, see each experience as a lesson.

Learn from each experience and when you see each experience as a lesson, each day, stop, ponder and reflect in an attitude of gratitude for the lesson you’ve been taught. 

Your business isn’t profitable!

Be grateful that you had a chance to start a business. 

Your parents aren’t supporting your business choice?

Be grateful that you have parents.

You see what we mean?

When you’re grateful for everything and learn lessons, it makes you feel grateful for what you have and removes the negativity in your mind.

When you feel negative, think about all the things you’re grateful for and confidence will automatically come to the surface.


Two: Work & Life Balance

No matter what you do, your status in your business or in your private life. 

You need rest.

Continuously cutting yourself off from your family in order to get more done at work is the wrong way to live.  

There needs to be balance and harmony between the time you spend working and the time you spend with family and friends.

You need to structure your life so that you spend fixed time in each part of your life and don’t have either parts flowing into or interfering with the other.

Proper work life balance will lead to a more fulfilling and contented life.

Make sure you spend enough time with your family and loved ones on weekends.

Have some “me-time” too.  Go fishing, do some gardening, play golf. 

Do something on your own.

When your personal life is satisfying, it reflects in your professional life.

If you keep on having negative thoughts and behaviors, your work and home life will suffer.

A relationship will end because of your inability to maintain it.

This can have a negative impact your self-belief and confidence.

That’s why it’s essential to switch off from work and forget about work related stress when you’re home.


Three: Change Your Body Language

Trust is built with direct and meaningful conversation.

Maintain eye contact no matter the so called “status” of the other person.

This tells them that you’re confident in your opinions and you’re not a person who’s too timid to voice them.

When you meet new people, extend your hand for a firm shake and have a smile on your face.

Never look at them with an amused expression, or with your hands in your pockets.

If you are addressing a group in your office, try a few power poses such as:


  • Leaning forward while placing your hands on the table
  • Address them with arms spread out
  • With arms at your hips
  • Sitting with your hands behind your head, etc.


These poses visually express your inner confidence.

Yup, it may be easier said than done.

However, it’s important for you to make a concerted effort and try these exercises regularly to improve your confidence.