Announcing The First-Ever Virtual Bar Exam Summit

State Of The Bar Exam (cause #wtf is actually going on with the bar exam right now is super confusing) ● Bar Exam Basics ● Time Management For The Bar Exam ● Strategy Workshops for MBE, MEE, and MPT ● A Crash Course in Learning Styles ● How To Breakdown and Memorize Law ● Tackling Difficult Subjects ● Bar Exam Advice To Avoid ● Overcoming Bar Exam Roadblocks ● All Things Practice Questions ● Creating Your Custom Bar Prep Plan ● Guessing Strategies ● Bar Exam Pitfalls (And How To Avoid Them) ● A Guide To Supplemental Bar Exam Resources ● Specific Advice for Repeat Takers ● Mindset and Motivation Real Talk with Coach Leslie (this is a MUST-watch for everyone) ● Strategies For Wellness and Self Care During Bar Prep ● And more (check the website for updates).

Link: Announcing The First-Ever Virtual Bar Exam Summit