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How To Write SMART Goals

SMART Goals aren’t that hard to write at all.  The reason for the SMART format is that you have to be specific about what you want to achieve and there must be a time limit.


The formula goes like this:


  • S – Specific – be as specific about the goal you want to achieve as possible
  • M – Measurable – you must be able to track your progress in some way
  • A – Achievable – make sure you aren’t setting our ambitions too high
  • R – Realistic – make sure that you aim for realistic goals within the set time
  • T – Time – make sure you put a time limit on the goal and by when you want to see a result


It isn’t too hard.  Let’s go into a little more detail for each one.


Specific Goals


You have to be specific.  For instance:


  • I want to save “X” amount of money by December 30
  • I want to learn to speak French by the November 30th, 2018
  • I want to learn how to cook a steak perfectly before summer arrives
  • I want to learn how to play the piano before Valentine’s day
  • I want to create 3 new YouTube videos every week for the next 6 weeks


As you can see, they’re specific and there are deadlines.  A deadline is a motivating factor that will get you to take action, especially if you tell others about your goal.

The reason we need to be specific and set a time on a goal is so that we tell our brain and subconscious that we’ve got work to do, and there is a time limit.  This kind of kicks your brain into taking action and putting things in motion so that it’s prepared to work when the time comes.


Measurable Goals


It doesn’t matter what you want to do, there is always a way of tracking things and measuring progress towards an end goal.  You will almost always start at zero “0”.  So, every day, keep note of what you’re doing towards achieving your goal.

When starting out with goal setting, you should have figured out how you’re going to achieve the goal, then written down or collected all the required steps to get there and kept them somewhere safe.

Your job now is to figure out what steps to take in what sequence o get you to the end result.  The best thing you can do is group similar steps together and do the ones that are the hardest first.  Make batches of tasks.  They are called milestones.

Whenever you complete a batch of steps/tasks, take some time to celebrate the completion of 1 milestone and check it off your to-do list.


Keep a record in whatever form makes sense:


  • Video
  • Written form
  • Audio logs
  • Spreadsheets
  • Simple notes or blog posts


Achievable SMART Goals


When you set out with your first bout of goal setting, make sure you try achieving something simple, to begin with, so that you can build your confidence in goal setting.  It’s no use setting a goal to buy your dream house by the age of 20 if you aren’t employed yet.


Pick something simple:


  • Read a book in a week
  • Write 2 Blog posts per week
  • Finish writing 1 x Chapter of a book per week
  • Do 5 more benchpresses every week
  • Run 1 more lap around the field every 2 weeks


Start slow and simple.  Set realistic smart goals, and, as you achieve them, set your next goal.  as you build up momentum, so you’ll build your confidence in your personal achievement.


Realistic goals


Some people like setting unrealistic goals like making a million dollars a year, but they’re still living with their parents and don’t have a job.  They plan to move out of the house into a fully furnished apartment within 3 months but haven’t been able to pay their Mom rent for the past 6 months.

Set your sites on smart goals you can achieve in the short term and medium term without much difficulty until you get some momentum and confidence in your ability.




We always want things to happen as quick as possible.  Smart goal setting is no different.  Make sure you set a time limit by when you want to see results.  It will help keep you focused and help you work towards your goal.




SMART goals are a great way to work towards what you want.  Make sure you follow the process.


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